About Our Cards

How to create a Card.

Creating a card on Orag is very easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Visit our homepage oragpay.com. ( Or simply open our webAPP on your device)
  2. Select the card type you wish to purchase ( MasterCard or Visa Cards ) and click the PROCEED button .
  3. Select from the various available options ( basic, + or premium - the limitations of each card is stated ).
  4. Enter the amount you wish to have as initial card balance in the space provided on our website. Then click the PROCEED button.
  5. The above procedures should take you to the payment page. Fill in the information Correctly ( Phone number and email must be valid ). Select your preferred payment method and proceed to make a payment.
  6. After payment, your card card would be made available to you in your email inbox with 5 - 10 minutes as on your receipt. 

How to recharge/Top-up your Card

To recharge your VCC card, you must have 1 of the following : MTN momo Cameroon, orange Money Cameroon/Mali, MOOV , Crypto ( USDT, Bitcoin, Binance Pay ).

Follow the steps below to recharge your card:

  1. Visit our homepage bilitech.io and click the top-up button ( Alternatively, click the 'ADD MONEY' button on the bottom of your screen ).
  2. Enter the amount you wish add to your card ( In dollars) and click the proceed button.
  3. Fill in the required information, select your preferred payment method and proceed to top Up.
  4. Your card is credited with 1-3 minutes after the payment is completed.

How to withdraw from your card.

We don't currently offer card withdrawals. To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend only adding the amount of funds you plan to use.

How to check your Card Balance.

To check your card balance, simply click the 'BALANCE' button at the bottom of your screen, fill the info and click the 'BALANCE' button. Your balance should be in your email inbox within 1-3 minutes.

How to receive payments with your premium virtual card.

Receiving funds within the USA using your card can be accomplished either via a direct card transfer (an action that involves sharing the 16 digits of your virtual card with a second party) or through platforms that facilitate card transfers, such as PayPal and Cash App. The process is straightforward - all you need to do is link your card to these platforms, then you can effortlessly withdraw funds into your card. Please note that for you to use this feature, your PayPal account must be created in the USA.

Once the funds have been transferred to your card, you will receive a confirmation email from VCC AFRICA. This email will contain a link, which you need to visit. Upon accessing this link, you will be able to withdraw your funds into your mobile money account, bank account, USDT wallet, or directly back into your virtual card.

It's important to note that we've only listed a few platforms and methods for transferring money into your card. There are numerous other platforms and methods available. You are encouraged to carry out your own research using search engines to find the method that best suits your needs.

Furthermore, while this guide focuses on the USA, the principles often apply globally, but always check for any regional restrictions or specific procedures. Safety should always be a priority, so it's crucial to use secure networks when carrying out these transactions and to be cautious of phishing attempts. Always double-check the authenticity of any emails or communications related to financial transactions to protect your information.

Bear in mind that transaction times may vary, depending on the specific method used and the platforms involved. It's also worth checking if there are any fees associated with the transfers. Some platforms may charge a nominal fee, either as a flat rate or a percentage of the transfer. These details should be clearly outlined in the respective platform's terms and conditions.

By staying informed and diligent, you can easily and safely manage and transfer your funds.

Card Verification

Verification of your card on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc., is crucial. This process often involves the use of verification codes or OTPs. Rest assured, regardless of the platform, we've got you covered. Simply navigate to our verification page, input the necessary details, and receive your code or OTP promptly via email.


  1. Request verification codes only for essential platforms when prompted. 
  2. OTPs are valid for only 5 minutes following the initiation of a transaction.
  3. In case you can't locate the code in your email inbox, please check your spam messages.